Elvis och Lisa Marie Presley

18 08 2007

Här är duetten med The King och hans dotter Lisa Marie. Pengarna från konseren från den 17.8 går till Presley Place.

Elvis Presley

16 08 2007

Det har nog inte undgått någon att det idag är 30 år sedan Elvis Presley dog. En av hans bästa låtar tycker jag är denna;

En annan av dom bästa;

Elvis sjunger duett

15 08 2007


Imorgon är det 30 år sedan The King, Elvis Aron Presley, gick bort. Det är dottern Lisa Marie Presley som duetten blir med och låten är den goa In The Ghetto från 1969.  Lisa Marie,39 år, kommer att medverka vid årsdagen nu på torsdag då en konsert med pappans tidigare inspelningar hålls i Memphis. Elvis gamla band kommer även att ackompanjera videoframträdandet.


Elvis och Betty Mc Gann

2 06 2007


En bild av Elvis som man inte sett så ofta…. Finns det någon därute som vet vem tjejen är ? Jag är nämligen inte säker på det men har för mig att det är en granntjej (har för mig sett hennes namn i några andra sammanhang med Elvis ).

Elvis is The King

2 06 2007


Elvis Presley was the first real rock and roll star.Born January 8, 1935, in East Tupelo, Mississippi, Presley was the son of Gladys and Vernon Presley, a sewing machine operator and a truck driver. Presley’s twin brother Jesse Garon was stillborn, and he grew up as an only child. At age three, Vernon was sent to prison for forgery. It seems that Vernon, Travis Smith, and Luther Gable changed the amount of a check from Orville Bean,Vernon’s boss, from $3 to $8 and cashed it at a local bank.Vernon pled guilty and was sentenced to three years at Parchment Farms Penitentiary
Vernon’s boss, Mr. Bass called in a note that Vernon signed to borrow money to build the house and Gladys is forced to move in with Vernon’s parents. Vernon would only serve eight months. Afterward Vernon’s employment was spotty and the family lived just above the poverty line. The Presleys attended the First Assembly of God Church whose Pentecostal services always included singing.
Entering the fifth grade, Presley is asked by his teacher, Oleta Grimes to enter a talent contest on children’s day at the Mississippi-Alabama Fair and Dairy Show. At the age of ten, dressed in a cowboy suit, and standing on a chair to reach the microphone. Presley’s rendition of Red Foley’s ”Old Shep” won second place, a $5 prize and a free ticket to all the rides. On his birthday the following January he received a guitar purchased from Tupelo Hardware Store. Over the next year, Vernon’s brother Johnny Smith and Assembly of Good pastor Frank Smith. gave him basic guitar lessons
In 1948 after losing another job Vernon moved the family to Memphis. Glady’s brothers get him a job at the Precision Tool Company and the Presleys moved into a small apartment at 370 Washington Street for $11 a week. On September 13 Elvis enrolls at L.C. Humes High School. 
Starting his sophomore year Presley works in the school library and after school at Loew’s State Theatre. In 1951, his receives his first driver’s license, joins the ROTC unit at Humes High, tries out for the football team (he’s cut by the coach when he won”t trim his sideburns and ducktail), and in his spare time hangs around the black section of town, especially on Beale Street